Let the magic happen!

Turn your kitchen into an effervescent and healthy place. Make fermented food and beverages at home!

It’s fermented vegetable season!

Care for your bubbles! Celebrate the effervescence with homemade lacto-fermentation.

Sparkle with happiness!

Making kombucha is so easy and affordable! Find out what you need to get started.

Making your own ferments, as easy as it is fascinating!

Kombucha Brewing kit to make kombucha at home

Révolution Fermentation is first and foremost a team of fermenting enthusiasts.

Our mission is to popularize home ferments.

We believe that home fermentation allows us to create a more resilient future in harmony with the living. This is why we dream of having food fermenting in every kitchen!

Kombucha Brewing kit to make kombucha at home

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