3 Foolproof Fermented Vegetable Recipes to Get Started

Fermenting vegetables is a joy to discover and it makes you sparkle with pleasure!

Healthy, extremely safe, easy to do, and with an addictive tangy taste, lacto-fermentations (vegetable fermentation with salt) have it all.

These three recipes are guaranteed to be a success as you begin your journey into the world of fermented vegetables.

Tested, appreciated, and safe, these foolproof recipes will convince you to try it again!

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Why Make Fermented Vegetables?

When comparing lacto-fermentations to raw vegetables, science shows that this method of preservation makes food more digestible and nutrient-packed.

It also strengthens the intestinal microbiota, a very important part of our health (see also all the benefits of fermented vegetables).

Plus, when you ferment foods, you not only create a nutritionally enhanced version of the food, but you also release unexpected flavours.

It’s a safe way to preserve your food, and it’s very easy to do.

Are you hesitant to start? Check out our 5 tips for successful fermentations and 5 mistakes to avoid.

Having the Right Equipment

The trick to successful fermentations is to use the right equipment to limit oxygen.

Durable, airtight containers and jar fermentation accessories will ensure that your lacto-fermentations are a success.

What you need:

  • Jars with lids (Mason or Le Parfait lever jars)
  • Weights or counterweights

You’ll probably find what you need in your cupboard. If not, get some carefully selected specialized equipment from our online shop!

See Also How to Choose Your Fermentation Equipment!

3 Fermented Vegetables Recipes to Get Started

There are hundreds of recipes for fermented vegetables, but some are easier than others.

We’ve chosen the best ones for you to get started. They’re great and very easy to make. Try them out!

Recipe for lacto-fermented tomato salsa

1. Fermented Tomato Salsa

Ideal when tomatoes become abundant at the end of the season, this fermented tomato salsa recipe is enjoyed with corn chips and will probably be the best umami salsa of your life.

Simply chop the ingredients, add the salt, slide them into the jar and wait a few days.

Also, because the fermentation time is so short, you don’t need any special weights or equipment. Mason jars and a little patience are all you need.

Fermentation brings a lot of flavour to these simple ingredients. You can also customize it by using tomatillos or adding corn to your mix.

So much for store-bought salsa!

Discover the Fermented Salsa Recipe

Recipe for Homemade Lacto-Fermented Kimchi

2. Homemade Kimchi

A traditional Korean side dish that is similar to spicy sauerkraut, kimchi is consumed in almost every dish you can think of.

It usually includes napa cabbage, daikon radish, carrots, garlic, ginger, and Korean chili.

When fermented, all these flavours blend together to create an absolutely delicious condiment. Watch out, it’s hard to get enough of it!

Kimchi has the advantage of being tasty and spicy without being a hot sauce and will spice up dishes with its unique taste. It goes well with salads and grilled cheeses and enhances their flavours.

Have you ever made a salad? Congratulations, you already have half the skills to make homemade kimchi!

Discover the Kimchi Recipe

Recipe for Lebanese Lacto-Fermented Pink Turnips

3. Fermented Pink Turnips

Learn how to make the “pink stuff” of your favourite shawarmas and pitas at home!

The attractive colour of pink fermented turnips is not from the colouring (luckily!), but from a chunk of beetroot that is added to the recipe.

Add your pink turnips to Middle Eastern-inspired sandwiches, or eat them crisp as an appetizer.

The main part of the preparation is slicing the vegetables and adding the brine. Not much more complicated than making crudités!

If you are just starting out, we suggest that you let it ferment for only a week, then put it in the fridge.

Discover the Recipe for Fermented Pink Turnips

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