How to Make Non Fizzy Kombucha?

Do you prefer your kombucha non-fizzy?

Or do you just want to keep the bubbles of your kombucha under control? Here are some tips for getting little or no fizz in your favourite fermented drink.

If you want the opposite, see How to get more fizz in your kombucha!

How Does Kombucha Become Fizzy?

When making kombucha, bubbles are created during bottling (also called second fermentation). At room temperature, the yeast eat the sugar and create carbon dioxide (CO2).

If the CO2 does not have a way to exit (e.g. if it is stuck in a bottle), it will dissolve in the liquid. This is how kombucha becomes fizzy!

If your kombucha sprays out of the bottle as soon as you open it, it’s because there is too much pressure inside.

This could be because:

  • The bottles have been left at room temperature for too long
  • There was too much added sugar (such as fruit juice) in the kombucha
  • The temperature was warmer than usual, which accelerated the fermentation
  • Your kombucha scoby was very high in yeast

Kombucha explosion

How to Make Kombucha That Is Less Fizzy?

To limit the carbonation in your kombucha, you must limit the pressure that is created in the bottles.

To do this, you can:

  • Immediately put the bottles in the refrigerator
  • Not fill the bottles up to the neck
  • Frequently open your bottles to release the pressure
  • Avoid flavouring with berries or ginger, two sources of natural yeast
  • Filter the kombucha to remove the yeast colonies (the brown clumps under the scoby)

My Kombucha Is Too Fizzy, What Should I Do?

Did your last bottle of kombucha shoot off like a geyser? Afraid to open your next bottle? Keep your head cool, everything is going to be OK!

To avoid losing a drop of your precious kombucha, place a bowl under your bottle and a plastic bag (such as a Ziploc or milk bag) on top.

When opening, the kombucha will squirt out, but the bag will cause it to drip into the bowl. How convenient!

Another technique is to gradually open your bottle to release the pressure. As soon as the liquid gushes out, close the cap. Wait a few minutes, then repeat the experiment until your bottle is under control.

Alternative: Open your window and aim at a target in the distance. With luck, you might hit it!

In short, to have less fizz in your kombucha, you have to put it in the fridge as quickly as possible and release the pressure regularly.

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