How to Make Fizzy Kombucha at Home

Are you making kombucha at home, but it’s not carbonating and is as flat as tap water? Are you wondering how to make fizzy kombucha?

Do not panic! Here are solutions to naturally add fizz to your bottles. Here are the steps to make sparkling kombucha!

Where do the bubbles in kombucha come from?

First of all, how is the fizz created in a kombucha?

During the fermentation process, the yeast eat the sugar and turn it into CO2.

When the kombucha is trapped in a bottle, gas cannot escape. It accumulates in the kombucha, and the drink will gradually become more and more fizzy.

Some factors influence the amount of bubbles:

  • Opening the bottles: by remaining closed, the gas accumulates in them. The more the bottles have been opened, the less sparkling the kombucha will be.
  • Temperature: bottles left at room temperature will be more sparkling. In cold bottles, the yeasts become dormant and stop creating bubbles.


How to Make Fizzy Kombucha?

  1. Bottle your kombucha.
  2. Leave it at room temperature for about 4 days.
  3. Put in the refrigerator when the kombucha is sufficiently fizzy for you.

That’s all!

Pressure-resistant bottles (such as bottles for beer or soft drinks) should be used, and will make your kombucha fizzier.

But even if your bottles are very resistant, do not leave them for more than 10 days on your counter! Otherwise, you will repaint your ceiling with kombucha, or worse, the bottle could explode.

Fizzy glasses of kombucha

My Kombucha is Not Fizzy, What Should I Do?

Even if you have the right method and the right bottles (such as swing-top bottles), sometimes your kombucha simply isn’t fizzy.

It’s okay, it’s not its fault, we love it anyway! Even if your kombucha doesn’t fizz, it still retains its benefits.

If this happens, you can:

  • Add a little ginger or some berries, which are natural sources of yeast
  • Add a little sugar right before bottling the kombucha
  • Make a new batch – young kombucha scobies tend to carbonate less.
  • Try with a new scoby. Your old scoby may have weakened for some reason.
  • Resist the temptation to open the bottles several times a day.

In short: To make a fizzy kombucha, you have to use the right bottles and leave them at room temperature for a few days.

The yeast will do their job and the bubbles will build up in the drink. Cheers!

Note: you have the opposite problem, and your kombucha fizzes too much? See How to make kombucha less fizzy, to avoid damages!

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