What are Milk Kefir Grains and Where to Find Them?

Milk kefir grains – what are they and what do they eat in winter? In this article, your questions will be answered:

Beware not to mistake them for water kefir grains, they are quite different! Water kefir grains are designed to ferment water-based sweet liquids.


What Are Kefir Grains?

Milk kefir grains are small white gelatinous balls that visually resemble small cauliflowers clumped together.

These grains are used to turn milk into milk kefir, a fermented drink that is full of probiotics and is said to have many health benefits.

These strange little clumps house a jungle of beneficial bacteria and yeast that live in symbiosis and are activated when mixed with milk to create creamy, tangy, and slightly fizzy milk kefir.

Once the kefir has been produced, the grains can be collected and put into fresh milk to start a new kefir fermentation!

Please note that kefir grains cannot be planted in the ground! They are called “grains” because they are shaped like grains, but they are not plants or seeds.

Milk kefir grains on a wooden spoon

Where Do Kefir Grains Come From?

Milk kefir grains apparently originated on the plains of the Caucasus a few thousand years ago. Nomadic peoples used kefir grains to preserve milk over long periods, well before the introduction of refrigeration. Kefir was consumed for its health and longevity benefits.

Over the years, kefir grains have spread all over the world. The grains we use today are therefore descendants of those used in the Caucasus plains!

Read our article on The Origins of Kefir to discover the fabulous history of these grains!


Where To Find Kefir Grains?

You have two options for obtaining kefir grains: finding or buying them.

Because milk kefir grains multiply when well cared for, it is common for people to give some to friends and family when they have too many grains. If you have a relative who has good quality kefir grains, ask them if they have any to share with you!

Alternatively, you can buy quality kefir grains from our online shop. The quality of our grains is guaranteed.


In Summary

Kefir grains are small white balls containing billions of microorganisms that transform milk into kefir. These grains allow you to obtain a probiotic fermented drink that can improve digestion and strengthen the immune system.

The more kefir you make, the more grains you have. The more grains you have, the more you can share the know-how to make this nutritious and tasty drink!

You can obtain kefir grains from friends who have a surplus or buy them from our online shop.


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