16 Gift Ideas for Fermentation Enthusiasts

Looking for a sustainable, delicious, and original gift? Offer the gift of fermentation!

Fermentation is much more than cooking: it’s turning edibles into sparkling, full of flavour, and super healthy foods… virtually by magic! What could be more festive?

In this guide, you’ll find plenty of gift ideas to please your favourite fermenter, whether they are a beginner who’s afraid to try, an intermediate who wants to go further, or a gourmet who’s into kimchi, kombucha, kefir, and other delights.


For Starting Out

It often only takes the right tools to get started! Here are our gift ideas for those who are discovering the world of fermentation.


Kombucha Kit

With this complete kombucha kit, anyone can make this delicious, sparkling, and full of probiotics beverage at home.

Kombucha fermenting kit

Includes durable materials and clear instructions, simply add a kombucha scoby to the order so that your fermenter can create many tasty recipes!


Online Kombucha Training

Perfect for a remote gift! The “Making your kombucha at home” online training contains:

  • Two instructional videos by the authors of the book “Kombucha Revolution”
  • Two webinars to respond to questions
  • Personalized technical support

Online Kombucha Courses

Everything you need to start making kombucha with confidence!


Complete Fermented Vegetable Kit

Everything is included in these well thought lacto-fermentation kits! The jar, the recipes, the ceramic weights, the bubbler… All you have to do is add vegetables and salt.

Fermentation material of the fermented hot sauce kit

Four kits are available:


Masontops Fermentation Kit

Does your fermenting apprentice already have Mason jars at home? This Masontops fermentation kit comes with everything you need to turn them into all-purpose fermentation jars.

Masontops vegetables fermentation kit

It includes 9 pieces of equipment and a recipe handbook, so you can easily ferment all kinds of vegetables at home.


Kefirko Kefir Fermentation Kit

Have you heard of milk kefir and fruit kefir? These probiotic drinks are even easier to prepare with a Kefirko fermentation kit.

Kefirko kit

The all-in-one Kefirko container simplifies handling and reduces mess. Perfect for making and consuming delicious fermented drinks every day!


The “Fermentation Revolution” Book

Fermentation Revolution” is the perfect book to dive into the wonderful world of fermentation! In addition to being complete and accessible, its style is casual, and its recipes are diversified. Guaranteed success!

Revolution fermentation book

For more book ideas, check out our article on our 4 favourite books to start fermenting.


For Improving Skills

Once you start fermenting, it’s hard to stop! Here are our suggestions for anyone who has already begun fermenting, but wants to take it a step further.


Set of 12 Kombucha Bottles

To make sparkling kombucha, there is nothing better than pressure-resistant bottles!

Our 750ml bottles with swing-top lids are both durable and sturdy, and the perfect size for storing or fermenting any sparkling drink.


Camellia Sinensis Kombucha Tea

Allow your favourite fermenter to produce the best kombucha ever with our tea blend, prepared in partnership with the Camellia Sinensis Teahouse! Made of Gunpowder green tea and Rwanda Rukeri black tea, it produces a delicious and well-balanced kombucha.


Crazy Korean Cooking All-in-One Fermentation Container

Has your fermenter started making kimchi, sauerkraut, or other fermented vegetables? They will be delighted with the Crazy Korean Cooking all-in-one fermentation kit, which makes fermenting so much easier!

Crazy Korean Cooking Kit

  • More vegetables can be fermented at the same time
  • Based on the ancient Korean concept of breathable clay
  • Double lid technology


Kefirko Cheese Maker

Does your fermenter love to make milk kefir or yogurt? They will love turning them into homemade fresh cheese with the Kefirko Cheese Maker.

Kefirko Cheese Maker Kit

The basket and spring device facilitate the making of fresh cheese daily. This cheese can then be processed into many delicious recipes.


“The Art of Fermentation”

The Art of Fermentation” book is a real encyclopedia! The author, Sandor Katz, is a true reference in the world of fermentation. He talks about fermentations from all over the world: fermented milk, vegetables, grains, and much more. A must for fermentation lovers!

The Art Of Fermentation book


Fermentation Revolution Gift Card

Not sure what your favourite fermenter would like? Let them choose! Giving a gift card from our online store is the perfect gift every time. Ideal for taking fermentation to the next level!

Gift Card


For the Expert

For fermentation enthusiasts, it’s one thing after the other! Here are our gift ideas for fermentation enthusiasts who ferment everything they can get their hands on. These suggestions will satisfy their curiosity!


Koji Culture

Koji is a fascinating fermentation in itself but is also used in a variety of secondary fermentations like miso, shoyu (soy sauce), amazake, shio koji, etc.

Homemade Rice Koji

Although koji requires a certain amount of know-how, you will benefit from the effort you put into it in many tasty foods. An original gift that keeps you busy!


“Koji Alchemy”

Koji is a remarkable mould! “Koji Alchemy” is a fascinating book that explores in-depth the production of koji and its many uses (shio koji, miso, shoyu, etc.).

Koji Alchemy Book

Authors also suggest more modern uses taking it a step further, such as koji sausages or popcorn!


“The Noma Guide to Fermentation”

Accessible yet advanced, “The Noma Guide to Fermentation” explores the world of fermentation and gastronomy.

Written by the chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, this book provides techniques for basic fermentations (lacto-fermentation, kombucha, vinegar, garum, miso, etc.), but also offers ways to prepare them.

Perfect for a chef, a food professional, or a crazy fermenter!

Read the review of the book “The Noma Guide to Fermentation“.


“Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments”

THE reference book for successful grain and legume fermentations! “Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments” reveals all the secrets to making tempeh (with any legume), natto, koji, and all kinds of miso.

Miso Tempeh Book

With its clear and in-depth instructions, its photo guides, and its many recipes, it will satisfy both beginners and advanced users.


Fermentation Revolution Gift Card

Once again, the Fermentation Revolution Gift Card is a perfect gift for fermentation enthusiasts. Exotic cultures, advanced reference books, and fermenting equipment are available all in one place! Something to fuel the passion of experienced fermenters.


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