Never Without My Water Kefir (Testimonial)

More than 17 years ago when I met the man of my life, I unknowingly married Kefir. My mother-in-law, eager to pass the healthy torch, explained the benefits of a healthy diet. To illustrate her point, she came out of the sticky and gelatinous seeds of her fridge, and told me about fermented bacteria. Interested and curious, I listened. At first, I was skeptical and found it bizzaroid, I refused to taste it. My fear deprived me for a time of its valuable digestive, immune, vitamin and energy virtues.

At that time, my digestion was energy-consuming, I solved the problem with industrial soft drinks. They acidified my body without caring for me. I had become dependent, I drank with each meal. Today I do not consume any more. Thanks to this sparkling liquid, to drink without moderation, composed of fermented bacteria called Kefir, my digestion has improved significantly and my skin texture has been refined.

Kefir is now part of my life. It starts my morning, sometimes encrusted in the afternoon, and goes to bed softly. This elixir of youth perfumes my taste buds with flavour, ardour and pep.

Kefir is alive, we take care of it. My husband is very talented in general but cooking is not part of his talents. So, I delegate all the easy and fast tasks in this area. He became the leader of Kefir and he excels. At first, he followed the recipe to the letter. With practice, he likes to invent new flavours, and it works. Our two children (and myself) rejoice.

Not very sweet with minimal calories, there is no reason to deprive yourself of it. Vegan and 100% ecological this magical and ancestral beverage reproduces itself exponentially. The portfolio is pleased. Oh, I forget its predominantly water-based composition dynamically hydrates the cells.

— Magali Duburcq