Activating a Mesophilic Yogurt Starter (Viili, Matsoni, Filmjolk, Piima)

Viili, matsoni, filmjolk or piima are all “mesophilic” yogurts, meaning that they thrive in moderate temperatures.

In addition to being delicious, these yogurts have the advantage that they can be prepared at room temperature and without a yogurt maker.

In comparison, regular yogurt needs heat to thrive.

Also, these cultures are sustainable and allow you to prepare many recipes!

Dehydrated starter retains its qualities for a very long time, but to use it, you must activate it first.

  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Fermentation: 48 hours
Activating a mesophilic yogurt culture

How To Activate a Mesophilic Yogurt Starter (Viili, Matsoni, Filmjolk, Piima)

Viili, matsoni, filmjölk or piimä are traditional Nordic yogurts known as "mesophilic", meaning that their culture likes to grow at a moderate temperature.
In addition to being delicious, these yogurts have the great advantage of being prepared without a yogurt maker!
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Preparation Time 5 minutes
Fermentation Time 2 days
Course Dessert



  • 1 pod Mesophilic yogurt starter (try viili, or matsoni)
  • 250 ml fresh pasteurized whole milk



  • Put the culture pouch or the pod and a small amount of milk in the jar.
  • Mix thoroughly (taking care to break up all the pieces).
  • Add the rest of the milk.
  • Cover the jar with the cloth and rubber band.
  • Let ferment at room temperature.

After 12 Hours

  • Check by tasting. If necessary, continue fermentation and observe from time to time.
  • As soon as the mesophilic yogurt is ready (or at the latest after 48 hours), refrigerate the jar for at least 6 hours after sealing it hermetically.
  • After 6 hours, the yogurt can be consumed. Don't forget to save a little culture for your next recipe.
  • Congratulations! The yogurt you have just prepared can be used as a base (also called "starter") for your next recipe. The amount to keep to start your next recipe is 1 tablespoon per 250ml of milk.


Important! The yogurt will reach the desired consistency after a few tries (2 to 5). It will probably be liquid the first few times. This is normal. Repeat the recipe once a day until the desired texture is achieved.
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Note: Our viili and matsoni starters contain three capsules. Use only one per recipe. You can store the others in the fridge.

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